What is Acupuncture?

Acupuncture is a 5,000 year old ancient Chinese healing art wherein fine needles are inserted into specific points in the body.

From a Chinese medical perspective the theory is that the body has an energy force running (known as Qi, roughly pronounced Chee) that travels through the body along “meridians” (specific pathways). Energy constantly flows up and down these pathways. These pathways can become unbalanced – causing illness. The effect of the acupuncture needles is to restore the balance of the patient’s energy and thereby improve overall health.

Does Acupuncture hurt?

Most of my patients tell me they are surprised that they barely feel when the acupuncture needles are inserted. Most of us have had our blood drawn. Acupuncture needles are very fine. On average 10 acupuncture needles can fit inside one blood draw needle.

What are some common conditions acupuncture can treat?

Pain: Headaches, TMJ, Back Pain, Sciatica, Musculoskeletal Problems, and Fibromyalgia,

Mental Health: Anxiety, Depression, Stress Management, and Addictions

Cardiac: High Blood Pressure

Respiratory: Allergies, Asthma, Sinusitis

General: Insomnia, Dizziness, Chronic Fatigue, Post-Operative Recovery,

Digestion: Indigestion, Constipation,

Women’s Health: Menstrual Irregularities, Menopause, Infertility, Healthy Pregnancy Support, Childbirth, Lactation Difficulties, Postpartum, Ovarian and Uterine Problems.

Men’s Health: Prostate, Infertility, and Impotence.

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